We offer a demolition service for all types of buildings, mostly houses, sheds and fences. If your property is about to be redeveloped and you require the site to be cleared, call Woolloongabba Demolitions. We understand that time is precious and costly. Our experienced crew can disassemble most houses in 5 to 7 days and leave the site completely clean for your next project. The demolition is mainly done by hand with some machines being used.

House disassembly‚Äč

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Door & Window Restoration

Doors and windows can be restored ready for you to take home and install. Restoration is usually accompanied with our paint stripping service. After stripping the old paint, timber surfaces are sanded smooth ready for you to add your finish. Other minor repairs can also be attended to. Glass panes in windows and doors are replaced if broken or you may have the item completely reglazed to match the existing style of your home. We also salvage and stock old glass to match up old doors and windows.